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Not much new to report but…

It’s been a little while since I updated this part of the site. I really don’t have a ton of stuff to report other than shop stuff. We did get a twitter account related to the shop if anyone is interested in following us please feel free. Also got my personal blog back up and running even though I don’t really blog as much as I should haha. Too much stuff going on usually x_x  But I kind of miss everything that went along with all my little side project stuff. I always feel like things get neglected, which is partially true in the sense of lack of updates and what not, but really i’m always around, I guess I just don’t say much. Which is bad because it appears that nobody is maintaining these things, so i’ll be trying to be more informative. Currently with the shop, there’s a few offers floating around which you can find on the main page of for the most part. Far as buying a panda item and all that, and the adorable little strawberry charms linked on the main page there as well. Also been trying to get the little milks plugged. They’re so much cuter in person and pictures don’t do them justice, but oh well :( It is what it is, right?

That’s about it as far as that goes, and again if interested in my personal life you can always read my blog HERE. Take it easy everyone! <3

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Working on it!

Okay so it’s been forever. Working on the shop and trying to decide on what to do with my personal blog.. i’m still not sure what to do there. Not much else has changed. Looking forward to getting all my web stuff organized and such. Right now i’m sick with the flu. Hopefully I can use my sick time i’m at home to get a few things taken care of though. Did get the blog up and running though, jsut have yet to launch it. Ironing out a few of the details. I may need some help managing it, because  my friend and I are working hard enough managing the shop and the orders and everything involved there, so if anyone is interested please let us know via email or whatever you like. I’m also going to be updating the hostees. I’m sorry to those of you who were added but never ” added “. There’s lots of dead sites that need to be removed from the list as well. But i’m getting around to it all. Just thought i’d plug these little milk charms, they’re so cute and going fast. I think there’s strawberry, chocolate, mint or spearmint ( i forget ) and orange. Theres the flashing version and the non flashing which is justthe charm by itself, both are currently available but i’m getting low on the orange and strawberry ones. On that note, theres lots and lots of new stuff added to the shop this month, in addition to that the valentines contest was a bigger success than I originally anticipated so that was very exciting and was lots of fun. Also wanted to mention real fast, that there’s also going to be tofu charms  that are similar to these milk charms, only, you know… tofu. If you want to reserve one  drop me an email with your email so i can let you know when they come in =)

Let’s see. Other new news. My puppy Omri ( she’s over a year old now lol ) was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and she has a caved in skull in one spot, and she is going blind.  She’s so precious. I also moved out of my house and into a smaller house, that was fun.  Close friend of the family passed away in a hit and run accident. I’m really not trying to be ” emo “, it just is what it is. Some good things have happened too, got away from my grandpa!!! lol.  So anyhoo, jsut a quick update. Go visit the shop if you haven’t!

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So, the collective site got a little revamp. Yay for time and boredom and people who inspire you! Not too sure how well this one will go down. Please, as usual, email me if there are any glitches you notice or, you know, whatever. Um, the content is still being put together, so you may run across some 404’s. I’m aware of them though, I just have to complete putting the rest of it together.:hehe: This time, i’ll actually get to it! For now, most of what you’re looking for will still be on Oh So Crispy.Net. After I get everything moved around the way I like it, i’m removing everything off of Oh So Crispy.Net. I’m tired of everything getting downloaded off of there. After all, it’s just supposed to be my blog, that I don’t use. mmhm. Also on that note, I will be deleting alot of stuff off there that will not be moving over here. So if you want stuff, go and get it, cause it might be gone. I’m trying to simplify everything for myself, as both domains got way out of control. Plus, I want to introduce NEW content, and get rid of the crap i made when i was like 15. We all know it isn’t special. lol. I’m hoping to have it completely finished by May 1st. So, you have til then to grab whatever.

After April, i’m going to TRY to get revamped, new layout, get rid of the themes, i’d like to stick to one layout from now on. The themes thing got old, and they’re all too similar anyway. Will take probably awhile, because it takes me a long time to figure out how i want a layout, so i work on it and put it away, throw some away, start over, etc. :tongue2: I’m certainly not very good at them when by myself, i need to either be told what to do, or have alot of inspiration. Anyhoo, point is, is i’ll keep this area updated with the progress for now.

So, in other news, and jsut because I want to plug it. Go visit the shop. Lots of cute things to play with. It’s jsut a little shop a friend of mins and I are doing in our spare time. There will be another small one with custom made charms. Yes.

I’d also like to mention, that I’m STILL interested in doing something with someone else, as a side project, i never have enough to do if you can’t tell. I’m not really into flying solo on anything, so if anyone has any ideas, or projects of their own at the moment and would like help, etc. let me know =3.

P.S… go Plug Yourself if you havent yet =D

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