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Milk Mascot Giveaway is up!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

As promised! – Launching the giveaway for the milk charms! There will be 3 winners, it ends on 12.5.2010

Sign up for the blogs feed in the sidebar to be informed of the huge winter holiday giveaway hosted again by Jae for us in the next couple weeks! We hate spam so as you know, we won’t be sending out another notice, this is the first and final notice from the shop to all our registered customers, if you want more info in the future you must follow the blogs updates via feedburner ( located on the sidebar, it’s easy, just type in your email ) to be notified when new contests or giveaways are posted for our shop!

    Win a cute flashing kawaii milk mascot!

    OCT. Mascot Giveaway Winner

    Thursday, October 28th, 2010

    Congratulations to Gustosa for winning our giveaway! Here’s a sneakpeek @ your cute little package  =)    There’s a surprise in it as promised. Can click the image if you want to see all 3. mhm. Speaking of giveaways, the holiday giveaway is coming up very shortly, so if you’re not already signed up to our feed you might wanna do so, so you can receive updates. Or go play here. Or here. Or here. tehe.

    Another Giveaway..

    Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

    There’s actually 2. However the first one will be much smaller. It is going to be just this cute hello kitty crystal mascot. It’s used primarily for a keychain, but we get feedback from most, that they love it as a rearview mirror charm. Which, I do too :) It’s really sparkly and pretty when the sun hits it, and unique if i do say so myself. So, it has been declared a favorite, so we’re giving one away! We asked which items people would like to see in our next giveaway or contest, and this one popped up the most, a close second is all our little milk charms and related milk items. Follow us on TWITTER or the new Facebook pages HERE, & HERE, or subscribe to updates HERE!

    Anyhoo, to the point. This is the lovely item in question located HERE in the shop. Will update this with official contest details as they become available.

    EDIT: 1st contest is up. Go HERE!