The online gambling industry must change with the times. Like no other industry out there, online casinos are in a peculiar position where they need to keep the interest of an increasingly demanding audience that expects to be properly entertained for their money.

The chance to win money has always been one of the main reasons why people took up gambling. However, in a majority of cases, this needs to be combined with the overall experience, as the main rule of gambling is that house always wins. If players walk out losers more often than winners, casinos need to give them something to offset that fact.

land based casinos giving free drinks

Land-based establishments have solved this by giving their patrons free drinks, treating them to nice buffets, issuing free play coupons, employing attractive and pleasant staff, and more.  Save for free money, online casinos can’t offer most of these, so they have to find other ways to keep their players loyal and happy. Casumo Casino is a good example of how to do this.

Casumo Getting Players Attached

No matter what online casino you visit these days, you’ll encounter pretty much the same thing. There will be a screen full of different games only a click away, awaiting to be played. Of course, this is nice, as playing these games is the first reason you go to an online casino, but with so many of them out there, why should you stick to one instead of another? Furthermore, why not play at a different casino every day?

Realizing players have all these options, Casumo Casino came up with an approach that targets the players’ emotional side. The moment you join, you’re given your very own Casumo – a cute alien creature that becomes your responsibility. By playing games and achieving various goals, you help little Casumo grow and earn belts, from white all the way to the black.

Silly? Not so much, it seems.

It’s All About the Experience

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, most players come to online casinos for the experience. We all hope to win, of course, but deep down, expect to lose. There is nothing wrong with it, as long as you do it responsibly, as that’s the contract you silently accept when you start playing.

casumo VIP program

However, losing doesn’t hurt as bad if you feel you’ve still achieved something by playing. This is one segment that land-based casinos can hardly replicate while online casinos like Casumo demonstrate in its best light. You may have lost money on your last visit, but you helped your little Casumo grow a bit more.

The sense of achievement is there and it isn’t much different to any other classic video game. Players invest their time and quite often money to have their virtual characters boosted with new skills, equipment, etc. So, why not do the same at an online casino?

Casumo came up with this idea and so far it seems to be working. In a short while, they’ve become one of the most popular online gambling destinations. Of course, the fact they have a couple of thousand games on offer doesn’t hurt, either. People behind Casumo Casino successfully combined all these important elements, showing the industry what the future of online gambling will most likely look like – and their numbers show that they are definitely onto something.

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Casumo Casino Leading the Gaming Revolution
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