There are two types of slot players – casuals and regulars. The former usually come to the slot selection in an attempt to blow some steam and relax, while the latter simply prefer this game over any other on the casino floor. Regardless of your particular slot player profile, there is a thing or two you should know about online slot mechanics before going back for a second spin-off.

Fully legitimate online slot games have Random Number Generators which make outcome predictions practically impossible. However, the Return-to-Player percentage on each slot tells you how many times you are going to hit a win out of a 100 attempts, theoretically speaking. Stats and calculations could make it seem like it’s impossible to beat them, but the lucky progressive jackpot winners are singing a different tune altogether. Read on and get the top tips to boost your performance and turn you into the next millionaire online slot pro.

Make Use of Free Spins

Every reputable online casino includes free spins as part of their bonus offering, separately from the in-slot free spins which are usually triggered by a specific symbol. Free spins no deposit no wager offers have virtually become the industry standard, although some operators tend to offer them as part of the first deposit or reload bonuses or promos. These are practically free money credited in their slots worth – all the reason you need to claim them.

Practice Good Bankroll Management

If you want to rejoice over your wins and losses, you need to practice bankroll management. The best thing to do is determine the money you can afford to lose, so that each win is an extra boost. However, one general rule you need to remember is to never play with borrowed cash. No, not even when you’re on a real roll.

Track Progressive Jackpot Slots

A progressive jackpot slot is a game present on multiple casino sites, but with the ability to accumulate all bets into one pot – the progressive jackpot. While there is no saying when and how it may hit, the jackpot cap or highest jackpot amount could indicate when it is most likely to hit again.

Choose Reputable Casino Operators Only

No matter how good you have been doing on your favourite slot, the winnings aren’t going to mean much if you got them at an illegal casino site. Scammers readily accept your deposits, but do not approve your withdrawal requests, and if you aren’t careful with your choice of operator, you may not have any legal grounds to support your case.

Enjoy Your Spin-Time

Every player places their bet in hopes of winning something extra, but that isn’t always the case. In order to really make the most of each spin during your game play, it is crucial that you have fun doing it in the first place. There is nothing worse than letting stress take its toll on your entertainment, let alone your big jackpot hit.